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Seeking Medical Care without Insurance

There may come a time when you find yourself without any medical coverage. Watson Imaging can help you with diagnostic medical imaging even if you don’t have insurance.

Seeking Medical Care without InsuranceChanges in marital status, employment or income can all result in loss of health insurance. Even with the advent of the Affordable Care Act, over 27.5 million Americans currently lack a health care policy. This does not include millions of Americans that are under-insured due to high deductible policies or programs with limited coverage. It’s no wonder that so many individuals choose to postpone necessary medical care or are forced into a mountain of medical debt.

Before putting your health at risk, investigate ways to get necessary visits, tests or procedures without breaking the bank. The first item on the list is to do your research. When you making a significant purchase such as a new car, you don’t just go to the first dealership you pass by and pay sticker price. You take your time to find the best deal and value for the item that you want. You can do the same with medical testing or treatment. Reach out to different providers and facilities to find the bottom line cost for self-paying patients.

Many medical providers offer discounted rates for their patients who self-pay or offer limited payment plans for more substantial amounts owed. It is important to be honest with your provider to inform them of your uninsured status and desire to take care of the charges on your own. Most healthcare practitioners and facilities that offer cash prices required that you pay the entire amount in advance of the visit or test. If you have insurance coverage but choose to self-pay, remember that your insurance provider will not be billed and that the cost of the service will not count toward your deductible.

Watson Imaging Center provides superior St Louis diagnostic imaging services, and is committed to assisting our patients in making appropriate financial decisions regarding their medical testing. When you contact our office, we will provide you with straightforward pricing and review your options if you have no or limited health insurance. You even have the option to pay online through our website. For all of your imaging needs, call Watson Imaging Center today at (314) 781-9711.

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Watson Imaging has closed as of 12/30/2021.

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