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Ultrasound Imaging in St Louis

Ultrasound imaging (known as ultrasonography or to be more precise, diagnostic sonography) is used to create images of body parts including tendons, joints, internal vessels and organs. Ultrasounds are ideal for visualizing soft body tissue. Your ultrasound imaging provider is none other than Watson Imaging in Saint Louis. We’ve been around for more than 18 years in St Louis. Our center is always staffed with a radiologist as well as certified technologists who will get your imaging done comfortably and fast!

Missouri’s hospitals offer you ultrasound imaging but we don’t think that you should pay expensive hospital costs.  Start saving on your St. Louis ultrasound imaging; call us for our low pricing; we’re here to reassure you and make your appointment fast and comfortable!

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With our convenient office hours, many procedures can take only ten minutes or less and walk-in x-rays are welcome.

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