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FDA warns of hand sanitizer containing

Playing it Safe with Hand Sanitizers

FDA warns of hand sanitizer containing

Hand sanitizer has become a staple during the Coronavirus pandemic. Grocery stores, gyms and everywhere in between now have hand sanitizer stations outside and inside their buildings. But recently the...

New business operations for Watson Imaging

Establishing a New Normal for St. Louis

New business operations for Watson Imaging

Life continues to re-establish itself in St. Louis and St. Louis County as business reopen, although with several new realities that are part of life during the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses...

How You Can Help Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, which causes the highly contagious disease COVID-19, are undoubtedly heroes of the pandemic. They treat patients with COVID-19, sometimes without...

Watson Imaging is Open!

Watson Imaging Center is Open!  Businesses in St. Louis County and St. Louis City that were considered nonessential began reopening May 18 after being closed for almost two months in...

Coping with COVID 19

In response to Covid-19, government officials have closed schools, businesses deemed non-essential, banned social gatherings, and even ordered residents to stay at home. In these very unsettling and uncertain times,...

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