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Bone Density Exams are Painless at Watson!

(They really are painless)

Bone density exams are painless and don’t involve high levels of radiation. If your doctor or general physician has told you that you need to get one, Watson Imaging offers them right here in St Louis. According to NOF (National Osteoporosis Foundation) guidelines, women 65 (and older) should get bone density tests along with postmenopausal women with one or more risk factors in addition to other unique cases not limited to eating problems and vertebral problems.

While there are a number of different exams offered in St Louis, none require surgery and their applications depend on what bones you need measured. A Z-score refer to deviations from the average bone mineral density (compared to similar populations such as age and gender) while a T-score specifically compares your bone density to that of a 31 year old in good health of the same gender and ethnicity (see Bone Density for more information). Getting your St Louis bone density exam at Watson Imaging is easy and pain-free. Call us for more information about scheduling your visit and what you can do to prepare!

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