Watson Imaging has closed as of 12/30/2021. For medical records call (314) 781-9711.
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A Shift from Hospitals to Independent Imaging Centers

Please Note: Mammograms are not offered at Watson Imaging Center at this time.

When you’re in need of a diagnostic imaging test, you have the choice of where your testing is completed.

High-quality imaging can be completed in a hospital or in an independent imaging facility. Considerations include cost, location, availability and reputation. Because this information is abundant and easily accessible, there is a shift from patients utilizing traditional hospital imaging services to outpatient medical diagnostic imaging centers, and with good reason.

In 2020, about 40% of all imaging in the United States took place at an outpatient imaging center. When factoring inpatient imaging and those performed in the hospital due to life-threatening emergency, over 70% of prescribed imaging took place in an outpatient medical diagnostic imaging facility. The major reason for choosing an independent facility for your imaging needs is cost savings. You get substantial savings by using Watson Imaging Center over a conventional hospital facility. Imaging is all we do. We don’t have the overhead of multiple departments, administration and more. That savings is passed on to you.

Shift from Hospitals to Independent Imaging CentersConvenience is also an important reason to choose Watson Imaging Center. A large hospital means navigating parking garages, buildings and lots of people. It might take you 30 minutes just to get to the imaging area. At Watson Imaging, you park right in front of the center. You come right in at your designated time and are seen promptly by our professional staff. Our waiting area is clean and welcoming, though you probably won’t spend any time waiting for your appointment.

Beyond the convenient location and shorter wait times, you deserve the best in customer service. Our staff and technicians are eager to make sure your testing experience is stress free and pleasant. Your imaging experience is professional with a personal touch you won’t get at a hospital where patients are a number and not a name.

Watson Imaging Center will save you time and money while providing you with the quality, technology and superior service you deserve. The right choice is Watson Imaging Center for your x-ray, mammogram, ultrasound or bone-density testing. Call today at (314) 781-9711.

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Watson Imaging has closed as of 12/30/2021.

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