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Ask Us: What is a radiologist?

Radiology is a branch of medicine that utilizes various imaging techniques to diagnose and treat disease.

Radiological examinations are performed in almost every field of healthcare and is an important component for medical decision-making. A radiologist is a fully licensed medical doctor that has completed at least thirteen years of training. This includes medical school, a four-year radiology residency, and likely an additional one or two year fellowship program with specialized training such as pediatric or interventional radiology.

Radiologists are certified by the American Board of Radiology. Board certification is important as an indicator that your physician honors the highest standard of care. It reflects the core values of compassion and patient-centered care. Board certified radiologists have achieved the highest level of knowledge, experience, and skills to provide quality care within this specialty. Radiologists are also required to participate in yearly continuing medical education in addition to their practice.

Who many patients think is a radiologist is actually a radiology technician. Techs provide expert care in the positioning a patient for an image, exam prep, monitoring and radiation safety. A radiation technician operates the equipment that generates the image. The radiologist is the physician that analyzes and interprets the imaging.

You may not meet your radiologist, but they are busy behind the scenes as vital member of your patient care team. Radiologists are uniquely qualified to view images or scans and understand what is happening inside your body. The advent of modern imaging tools and an explosion in technology has allowed for more precise and intricate images as well as increased safety for patients. Radiologists skillfully interpret and report on images, recommend treatment or additional testing when appropriate.

Watson Imaging Center is a free-standing St Louis diagnosic imaging center. We know that you only want the best when it comes to your health. Our staff of technicians and radiologists are the best in their field. Our team approach to diagnostic imaging assures professionalism and expert care.

Tell your doctor that you want your imaging completed at Watson Imaging Center. Call today at 314-781-9711 to schedule – We genuinely care!

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Watson Imaging has closed as of 12/30/2021.

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