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Why Are Exams Less at Watson Imaging?

The cost of exams at Watson Imaging Center vary from person to person and from exam to exam. There are many reasons for this range, but what follows are some of the biggest reasons.

One of the biggest factors that determines the cost of an exam is whether the person receiving the exam is insured or uninsured. Someone who is uninsured is almost guaranteed to pay more for an exam. The reason for this is that health insurance companies negotiate rates with service providers, and those without health insurance do not benefit from pre-negotiated lower exam costs.

Why Are Exams Less at Watson Imaging?Health service providers will negotiate rates for exams with a health insurance company based on a number of factors, one of them being how big a customer base the health insurance company has. Health insurance companies charge their customers lower rates if a health service provider is in network, incentivizing patients to choose a health service provider that is in network. Since those who have health insurance are more likely to choose a provider that is in network, health service providers will negotiate lower costs with a health insurance company that has a bigger customer base. So even if two people have insurance, they could each be charged different prices for the same exam if they have different health insurance companies.

As for a health service provider that is considered to be out of network, even if a patient has health insurance that person likely will pay a higher cost for the same exam than someone who chooses the same exam with the same health service provider but whose insurance company has deemed that health service provider to be in network.

Beyond the cost of an exam, individuals usually pay different out-of-pocket costs for an exam. For those with health insurance, additional factors determine the final cost of an exam. An individual who has a PPO may pay a higher health insurance premium but a lower co-pay for an exam. Someone with a Health Maintenance Organization plan may pay a lower premium but likely pays the entire cost of an exam up to a predetermined deductible or out-of-pocket maximum.

Each exam at a location also costs a different amount of money, since each exam requires different equipment, technology, and skillsets in preparing a patient for an exam and performing the exam. It is likely that no two exams would cost the same.

The good news is you can call your health insurance provider and Watson Imaging Center to find out the cost of the exam to you before you have the exam. While Watson Imaging Center can give you the cost of the exam based on your individual health insurance situation, your health insurance company can provide you with details about what is covered, what is not, what your health care costs already have been for the year, and other details about your individual health insurance plan that Watson Imaging Center employees would not have access to.

The cost of health insurance and exams aside, Watson Imaging Center strives to provide the most accurate exams at the best cost to you in the shortest amount of time possible because we care about the people coming in to our facilities to have exams performed.

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