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The US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) issued an advisory that women should begin to receive mammograms biannually as of 2009 (previously their position was an annual exam that staring at the age of 40). While there is much discussion in the medical community about the potential for false positives in addition to unnecessary (and potentially harmful) side effects, it is generally accepted that a regular digital St Louis mammogram can increase the chances of early detection, leading to more time to combat breast cancer at earlier stages of development. St Louis Watson Imaging knows that mammogram screenings can sometimes produce false positives but it is important to note that screenings cannot detect all cancers with absolute accuracy due to dense breast tissue. When you’re ready to schedule your St Louis digital mammogram, consider Watson.

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With our convenient office hours, many procedures can take only ten minutes or less and walk-in x-rays are welcome. Please note that we do not perform ultrasounds on Saturdays.

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