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Planning Ahead with Emergency Contacts

If you haven’t already, now is a great time to start or update your emergency contact list with names/phone numbers as well as designations. This should include doctors’ offices, your family dentist, and Watson Imaging for non-emergency diagnostic imaging.

Why It’s Important

An emergency contact list is important to have in case of an accident and someone else needs to get in touch with one of your medical professionals. Most people know the basics of who you should have on your emergency contact list; family and close friends. But who a lot of people don’t include on that list are doctors offices and their family dentist. These contacts are important in case of an emergency and you are unable to call your provider yourself or you’re not around and another caregiver needs to make a fast decision about who to call or where to go. An emergency contact list is ideal for babysitters, elderly relatives, partners, and spouses.

It goes without saying that leaving it in a viable, safe place where someone you know can easily access it is key. Locking it in a drawer or a safe detracts from the value of maintaining it. If it helps, consider a shared digital list such that multiple caregivers have it available at the press of a screen regardless of whether it’s needed at home, on a hike, or on a trip.

What to Include

There are a lots of numbers and names you could include on your emergency contact list. Keep it simple and focus on family and healthcare providers, not your Facebook list:

  • Emergency Family Contacts: Hopefully this doesn’t require explanation but consider also adding a neighbor someone within a very short driving distance
  • Primary Care Physician: This is great for quick questions and in case a loved one needs to get in touch with them to try to obtain records or to let them know you’re going to the hospital.
  • Dentist: This is a great person to have on your list in case there is a dental emergency. It’s way easier to go to your primary dentist in case of an emergency instead of a new one.
  • Watson Imaging: Our non-emergency diagnostic imaging services are great to have on hand in case of an emergency. If you’re a patient of ours and tragedy strikes, give us a call and we’ll make an appointment for an X-ray.

When preparing for the unexpected, an emergency contact list can make a difference in stressful situations!

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