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An x-ray is the oldest and most used form of medical imaging, first being introduced in the 1900s). They are most often associated with finding broken bones and fractures. They can also be used to detect pneumonia and some types of cancer.

Why Digital X-Rays?
X-rays are the fastest and easiest way for a physician to view and diagnose fractures, joint dislocations, fluid buildup on joints and other medical conditions. X-Ray technology has come a long way

How do Digital X-Rays Work?
An x-ray (radiograph) is a method of obtaining images inside the human body by exposing a specific part of the body with a minimal dose of ionizing radiation. X-ray images are created by sending radiation using magnetic waves through your body to capture an image of the inside of your body. X-rays are black and white images: bones look white on x-ray images because the calcium in bones absorbs the most radiation, while lungs look black because the air in lungs absorbs the least amount of radiation. Fat and tissue absorb less radiation than bones but more than lungs so these appear gray on X-ray images.

Are X-rays Dangerous?
Although the word radiation has a negative connotation, X-rays actually emit as much radiation as your body would receive in a 10-day period just from your natural environment. If you are in need of an X-ray, the information resulting from an X-ray far outweighs the risk of radiation from the X-ray.

In recent decades, along with the technological revolution that has digitized everything, digital X-rays have become commonplace. Watson Imaging solely uses digital X-rays instead of traditional ones.

Digital X-ray Benefits

  • One of the advantages of digital X-rays are that less radiation is necessary to take an X-ray, therefore making digital X-rays even less harmful than a traditional X-ray.
  • Another advantage of the digital X-ray is that images are created nearly instantly. Traditional X-rays require special paper, dyes and exposure times, making them take more time and effort to process. Digital X-rays are available almost immediately for reading and, like most things digital, can be sent or transferred with little effort over the internet or by digital storage such as a flash drive.
  • Because a digital X-ray can easily be transferred, radiologist, doctors and specialists all can read X-rays faster – as soon as they see the X-ray. Since is no longer a need to create a physical copy of an X-ray, people in multiple locations can look at the same X-ray in a short span of time, helping speed diagnosis and offering multiple opinions, if necessary.

Walk-In Digital X-rays at Watson Imaging

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Whatever your need for an X-ray, come get your digital X-ray at Watson Imaging. X-rays are walk-in only. Once you have a doctor’s referral, walk right in to either one of our offices in St. Louis to get your X-ray. There is usually little wait time to get an X-ray and the process itself takes only minimal time to complete!

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With our convenient office hours, many procedures can take only ten minutes or less and walk-in x-rays are welcome. Please note that we do not perform ultrasounds on Saturdays.

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