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Children and Imaging Tests

Imaging tests that permit us to see inside the body can be very useful tools when diagnosing illnesses or injuries. Each imaging test has benefits and ideal applications however as some use ionizing radiation, parents may be concerned about the how radiation can affect children. It’s important to have certain imaging tests performed only when necessary.

Here are ways to address radiation overexposure concerns for your child:

  • Discuss with your doctor the need for the test and ask how it will benefit your child’s health.
  • Ask if there are alternatives that don’t use radiation, such as ultrasounds (which use sound waves instead of ionizing radiation), that can still help with the diagnosis.
  • Track your child’s scans. This information shows the health provider your child’s radiation exposure over time.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tests aren’t known to post the same health risks as ionizing radiation-based tests since MRIs use low-energy radio waves.

Keep in mind that every situation, child, and need is different. Check with your imaging center, pediatrician, or hospital that the radiation levels are appropriate for children. They can adjust the scanning machines for your child’s age and size.

More reading about children and imaging tests from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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