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Mammograms are Essential, Even During a Pandemic

Mammograms help detect early cancer signs in the body and delaying an exam can be life threatening to some. The Coronavirus pandemic is not a time to skip out on the exam, especially since the virus can seriously effect those who are immune compromised. 

Exam Safety

Most health facilities have adopted CDC guidelines, along with their own practices, to ensure the health and safety of their patients. If you are worried about possible COVID-19 exposure, call your doctor’s office prior to your visit to find out the steps you need to take before and during your visit. The majority of facilities now, are not allowing walk-in appointments and require patients to stay inside their vehicles until their allotted appointment time. During visits, most facilities require all medical professionals and patients to wear personal protective equipment.

Importance of getting a Mammogram during the COVID-19 pandemic

An End to COVID-19 Isn’t Clear

Another risk factor of waiting to get a mammogram is the uncertainty of the end to the pandemic and restrictive guidelines. A lot of people are banking on booking an appointment once the virus has been contained, but as the race to a vaccine continues, their is currently no end in site. With the uncertainty of a vaccine or cure in the near future, it’s safer to go ahead and book an appointment.

Increased Demand After the Pandemic

With some patients worried about possible exposure to COVID-19 and due to current restrictions in place preventing more exams from being preformed, fewer and fewer are booking appointments. This could mean potential problems when trying to book an appointment after restrictions are lifted or a vaccine is made. According to GE Healthcare, 100,000 fewer mammograms are now being performed each day. This could potentially pose a problem for those trying to book appointments.

With more people working from home and social distancing guidelines in place, now is the perfect time to book an appointment for your St. Louis mammogram today!

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