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Avoiding Zoom Fatigue this Holiday Season

Congratulations, St. Louis! We’ve made it through 2020 into the warm and welcoming holiday season.

Decorations sparkle on the tree. Candles glow in the window. Family and friends are anxious to gather together on your computer screen? This celebration season will be virtual as making the safety of our loved ones the most important gift of all. We know that the July 4th fireworks were not the same on television as they were under the stars at the park. The turkey didn’t taste the way mom cooked it as you shared a virtual meal with your parents. Video gatherings are still an important part of connecting with loved ones, but maybe it is time to call a FaceTime out. Here are a few ways to make this season special while avoiding the too much screen time.

Go old school

Turn off the video chat. Grab a pen and paper. This pandemic is the perfect time to engage in old-fashioned letter writing. You can share updates, stories and even favorite memories of holidays past. Older family and friends appreciate having the letter to hold in their hands. Children can incorporate writing letters into their virtual learning routines. Everyone will look forward to checking their real life mailbox for a new arrival. If you enjoy a large circle of loved ones, consider having a pandemic pen pal. Pair with one family member or friend to exchange letters through the rest of the pandemic. A hand written note will show its recipient that you’ve taken time and thought to share a tangible piece of yourself with them.

Name that tune

Music has a magical power to conjure up memories and emotions. Is there a song that reminds you of your childhood? Is there a Christmas carol that you used to sing with your family? Create a playlist to share with your family and friends. Include your favorite holiday tune or a sentimental favorite like a song that played at your wedding. Find a song that says, “This is me.” Sharing a playlist on a platform like Spotify will bring the best parts of your loved ones to life.

For the win

Your Zoom call doesn’t have to end with Aunt Mildred’s demonstration of her new dentures. Games are a great way to lighten up a virtual gathering and provide much needed laughter amid the holiday stress. A game of charades may be just what you need. This party classic is easy to play during a video call. Get some ideas online or create your own categories. Maybe trivia is more suited to your circle of loved ones. There are several online trivia games perfect for your Zoom gathering. Other game ideas include online Monopoly, Yahtzee and Cards Against Humanity.

The COVID pandemic has been a challenge for all of us. Virtual holiday celebrations are less than ideal, but can be made brighter with some creative thinking. If you happen to slip on the ice on your way to put that letter in the mailbox, don’t forget the friendly professionals at Watson Imaging are ready for your diagnostic imaging needs. From the Watson Imaging Center family to yours, we wish you the best and brightest holiday season.

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