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Specialty Diagnostic Imaging Centers versus Urgent Care

There are several different facility types a patient can go to to get an x-ray. Specialty medical imaging services such such as Watson Imaging, provide more than just diagnostic imaging expertise with benefits that can wind up saving you time and money!

Trained Staff

One of the great benefits of using a specialty imaging center over an urgent care facility is the staff and experience. At an urgent care center you’ll interface with a variety of staff that may not be trained in the modality that you seek. At Watson Imaging, our radiologists are board certified and dedicated to delivering every patient with accurate results. Accuracy and precision comes from using a certified radiologist.

A Modern Approach to Care

Going to a specialty image center means state-of-the-art imaging equipment. While an urgent care facility might have X-ray machines, we have specialized equipment for ultrasounds, mammograms, and digital X-rays. Using specialized image machinery can mean more accurate results, earlier diagnosis and eventually, better care. Specialized diagnostic imaging centers, like Watson Imaging, are equipped with equipment tailored for your specific radiology exam.


Watson Imaging accepts a wide array of different insurance and we’re here to help your visit stay as affordable as possible. In addition to insurance, using an imaging center like ours, can also help you save money in the long-run through early detection. Diseases and other medical diagnosis that aren’t caught early can often lead to higher medical costs in the long-run so a little savings today can prevent big costs tomorrow.

Using specialized diagnostic imaging centers can save you both time and money. Take control of your health by choosing Watson Imaging over urgent care!

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