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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

If October was a color it would be pink. Every year, October is recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Far beyond just wearing pink, the goal of Breast Cancer Awareness Month is to bring attention to the seriousness of this disease and educate people on all the ways they can get tested. According to the American Cancer Society, nearly 42,000 or 1 in 8 women and about 400 men a year, will die from breast cancer. Early detection could be a life saver for many patients.

Who should get tested?

Women should be getting screened for Breast Cancer starting at age 40. Women between the ages of 40 – 49 should consult with their physician on how often they should be getting tested. However, within this age range, it is usually recommended to get at least one a year. Men should start getting screened for Breast Cancer around 35 and should also consult with their physician on how often to get tested.

Why mammograms are important

October is Breast Cancer awareness month

A mammogram is a non-invasive x-ray that takes 2 images of the breast through the tissue that can detect cancerous lumps. Mammograms are also the only type of x-ray imaging that have been known to detect cancer. For instance, a woman should be getting a mammogram and an MRI every year, but an MRI alone cannot detect certain types of cancers (Watson Imaging does not offer MRI exams). Mammograms can detect breast cancer up to two to three years before a doctor or patient might be able to feel a lump. Early cancer detection has saved multiple lives and can wind up saving you time and money on treatment if cancer is found and treated early.

Breast cancer is said to be hereditary, but that is not always the case. Genetic tests can be done to determine how at risk a person is for certain types of cancers. But these can be invasive and expensive. Every woman and man should get regular mammograms to be extra cautious. Until recently, the only mammography available was 2D x-rays. There is now the option to have 3D x-rays done, which can help better detect cancerous cells and lumps.

October is a great time to educate yourself on the dangers of Breast Cancer and to schedule your mammogram. Here at Watson Imaging we offer 3D mammography for both men and women. Give us a call today and schedule your next mammogram!

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