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St Louis Diagnostic Imaging and Your Health

“It isn’t necessary for me to get a mammogram. Breast cancer doesn’t run in my family.”

“My ankle is just sprained. I don’t need an x-ray.”

St Louis Diagnostic ImagingYou have probably heard statements like these or even said them yourself. Whether it is due to inconvenience or fear of cost, avoiding medical testing is never a good idea. So take your health seriously. Utilize the tools available to make informed decisions. One of these tools is diagnostic imaging, and it plays an integral role in both treatment of current health conditions and prevention of disease.

  • Diagnostic imaging assists in finding and confirming an immediate medical issue. That pain in your ankle may be more than a sprain. A digital x-ray produces a high-resolution image that can detect a hard to find fracture. Such imaging techniques provide your doctor essential information to tailor medical treatment to your specific problem. Identification and affirmation of diagnoses are just one way diagnostic imaging makes a positive impact on your well-being.
  • Diagnostic imaging can prevent unnecessary procedures. Advanced imaging techniques furnish a detailed and accurate depiction of the body’s interior. The results allow your healthcare team to see a more complete picture. The World Health Organization states that some surgical interventions can be avoided altogether if simple diagnostic imaging services such as ultrasound are available.
  • Diagnostic imaging documents the progression of your health. Ultrasound is especially important when you are expecting. Sonograms render precisely detailed images of your baby’s health and growth in the womb. Serial imaging provides a timeline of growth and assurance that development is on target. This also applies to other disease processes including imaging of the lungs or ultrasound of soft tissue. Diagnostic imaging chronicles both progression of illness and stages of healing.
  • Diagnostic imaging saves lives. This is notably true with mammograms. A mammogram is a non-invasive x-ray that images breasts for cancer or any other abnormality. It has been proven to reduce breast cancer deaths. A mammogram can detect the presence of breast cancer very early in its development, even before it can be felt. Earlier detection means earlier treatment and better survival odds.

Diagnostic imaging is an important part of keeping you healthy. When your doctor tells you it is time for an imaging procedure such as a mammogram or x-ray, come to Watson Imaging. Let our healthcare team administer the image testing you need with the professionalism and personal attention you deserve. We’re local, and we’re here to serve your St Louis diagnostic imaging needs with same-day service available.  Call us at (314) 781-9711 or schedule online.

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