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Be Prepared for Severe Weather

Your health is important. Take steps to prepare for weather events that can impact you.

Missouri's summer storms aren't always a pleasant sight to see.
Missouri’s summer storms aren’t always a pleasant sight to see.

By this point in the summer, sections of Missouri and the Midwest have seen severe weather that has resulted in flooding, power outages, property damage and, in some cases, injuries and loss of life. While we hope no one else will feel the impact of severe weather this summer, being prepared for severe weather can help ease the situation should you find yourself dealing with severe weather or its aftereffects.

Your family should all know where to go during severe weather. At home, designate an area or room in which to take shelter in case of severe weather. A basement is best; next best is a small interior windowless room on the lowest level of the building where you are.

If you lose power,, an official website of the Department of Homeland Security, recommends keeping enough food for three days that does not need to be refrigerated and can be prepared without using electricity or water. Store enough drinking water for you and your family for three days. Keep an alternate source of electricity available to provide power for cell phones. However, save cell phone calls for emergencies because cell phone networks can be down or very busy after severe weather. If you’re trying to reach family or friends to check on them or let them know you’re safe, it’s best to use text messages and/or social media.

During a power outage, heat also can become a factor to consider. If you are outside, find shade. Indoors, run fans if you can, and shade windows from direct sunlight by closing blinds or covering the windows with drapes or curtains. This will help keep a room cooler. Avoid strenuous physical activities and drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.

Usually there are warnings before severe weather comes, but it’s best to have a plan in place and supplies now than to wait until severe weather is imminent.

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