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Update – COVID Vaccination in St. Louis County

Please note: The following information is valid as of the publication date however as new changes and procedures are constantly evolving, please check with your primary care or the official St. Louis County website below for the latest. Watson Imaging is not a vaccination facility and does not have further information.

On January 20, State of Missouri Governor Mike Parson laid out plans for mass COVID-19 vaccinations across the region.
He has enlisted the assistance of the Missouri National Guard to coordinate vaccination efforts for each of the nine Missouri State Highway Patrol regions. Southeast Missouri residents were the first region to receive vaccinations on January 22.

Targeted COVD vaccinations in the St. Louis metropolitan area began in December 2020 with frontline healthcare providers and staff. Missouri is currently working its way through Phase 1 of the vaccine rollout. St. Louis County residents can pre-register through many provider portals or with the St. Louis County Department of Health. Now eligible are Missourians who are pregnant, age 65 or older, or have pre-existing conditions. This group is referred to as Phase 1B Tier 2.

COVID Vaccination in St. Louis CountyThe next category, Phase 1B Tier 3, will include educators, childcare providers, and workers in the sectors of energy, food and agriculture, information technology, utility and transportation systems. This is followed by Phase 2 serving a larger population including workers in manufacturing, defense, finance, government and individuals who are homeless or disproportionately affected. It is the goal to have all Missouri residents vaccinated by the end of summer 2021.

Area residents are anxiously awaiting arrival of more vaccinations in to the region. There are currently not enough vaccines available for every resident currently eligible. Recent developments at the federal level will expedite the distribution of the vaccine. Many locations including pharmacies and individual providers have been assigned the important task of vaccine administration. These sites, however, are unable to provide information about when vaccines will be given. Public health officials in the region have asked for patience during this unprecedented time as logistics and access procedures are being planned.

It is important to remain vigilant in maintaining safety protocols including wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing, even after you have received your vaccine. The providers at Watson Imaging Center take your health and safety seriously. You can feel comfortable using Watson Imaging Center. Our facility adheres to strict cleaning protocols, and we are ready to serve your diagnostic imaging needs.

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