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High Quality CAT Scans in St Louis and St Joseph Missouri

CAT Scans (sometimes referred to as CT or computed tomography scans) are actually X-ray computed tomography scans. Watson Imaging helps our patients by taking this x-ray technique that captures two-dimensional images to create a three-dimensional view of scan areas. This is particularly useful when imaging areas of the body that tend to block a single x-ray dimension (for instance soft tissue areas).

CT Scanning and CAT scanning can be used to identify tumors, bone trauma and other potentially life threatening problems. At our two locations (in St Louis and in St Joseph), Watson uses them to create images that doctors refer to when looking for signs of lung problems as well as abdominal diseases. While CAT scans usually involve moderate to high levels of radiation, this imaging approach can sometimes avoid the need for invasive alternatives.

At Watson Imaging we use contrast agents (“dyes”) to generate the highest quality St Louis CAT scans and St Joseph CAT scans. While our registered Missouri technologists may not require you to change into a medical gown, there is some important information to review before your appointment. Learn more about preparing for a CAT scan.

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