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Watson Imaging has a second location serving the St. Joseph, Missouri, area (better known as St. Joe).

St. Joe is actually is one of the ten largest cities in Missouri. The city, which was formally incorporated in 1845, was a jumping-off point for settlers into Oregon territory and at one time was one of the endpoints of the Pony Express. It also was the second city in the U.S. to have electric streetcars.

Most of St. Joe’s attractions are rooted in the city’s nineteenth-century history. Joseph Robidoux established the Blacksnake Hills trading post in St. Joe in 1826. St. Joe was in a unique position: it is on the Missouri River and became accessible by rail in 1859, therefore was accessible by land, boat and rail. It was an ideal location for stocking up on supplies before starting the journey west toward Oregon when the Oregon territory opened up and toward California once gold was discovered in California in 1848.

Did You Know?
Eight of St. Joe’s roads were named for Robidoux’s children: Faraon, Jules, Francois (Francis), Felix, Edmond, Charles, Sylvanie, and Messanie. St. Joe also has a street named after Robidoux’s second wife, Angelique, and a street named, fittingly, Robidoux. A museum for Robidoux, the Robidoux Row Museum, is in the northwest of St. Joe. Robidoux built a row house soon after St. Joe’s founding for families waiting for their houses to be built in St. Joe.

Famous outlaw Jesse James was killed in St. Joe. He was shot in 1882 in what is now called the Jesse James Home. The home is maintained by the Pony Express Historical Association and is located on the grounds of the Patee House Museum. James’ wife and two children stayed at the Patee House after James was killed, since it was the headquarters for the investigation into James’ death.

Ironically, the house is connected to the two things St. Joe is best known for: the beginning of the Pony Express and the end of Jesse James. The Pony Express was headquartered at the Patee House in 1860 and Pony Express riders stayed at the Patee House. Today visitors can tour the Pony Express National Museum not far from the Patee House Museum. The Patee House, which was built as a hotel, spent more time as a shirt factory than as a hotel and today is a museum of communications and transportation. St. Joe’s economic boom of the mid- to late-nineteenth century led to the building of several large mansions. One of them, built by the Wyeth family in 1879 and sold to Kate Tootle in 1887, has become a museum called the Wyeth-Tootle Mansion.

Also of note, St. Joe is home to Missouri Western State University. The university began as a two-year junior college founded in 1915 and became a masters-degree granting university in 2007. The Kansas City Chiefs use the campus for summer training.

Not far from the Missouri Western State University campus is Watson Imaging Services, at 3937 Sherman Avenue, proudly serving St. Joe’s imaging service needs.

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